4 Creative Ways to Label a Quilt

As the number of Peer to Peer programs across Michigan grew, so did the idea of LINK t-shirts, personalized by students and school faculty. We want the quilts to travel all over Michigan and demonstrate the power of the growing network of peer support programs with administration, faculty, and students. When you receive the quilt, you will also receive a scrapbook. We encourage you and your students to add a page to the scrapbook! We also want to see your pictures of the quilt! Send a picture of your students with the quilt via e-mail or tag us on Facebook or Twitter. Please note: We will do our best to accommodate any specific date requests for the quilt.

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Tips and tutorial for labeling your quilt: making your own quilt labels, One of my favorite’s is Crazy Mom Quilt’s quilt label tutorial– she makes is Also would like to see some that allow you to enter the date and your city and state. but even if I use a printed label I am going to try to at least sign my name.

Signature Quilt Project — Quilt Index. Album, detail Sunnyside schoolchildren Dated Album Multiple signatures – Album Multiple signatures Original Multiple signatures Circa Today, a favorite gift to honor relationships among friends, classmates, relatives, or co-workers is a friendship quilt, with blocks contributed — crafted with fabric paint, embroidery, magic marker, or intricate piecing and applique — by those within a social network.

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This post may contain affiliate links. At a time when many loved ones moved away and seldom, if ever, returned home to see their families again, these quilts were precious keepsakes. They served as precious remembrances for those families who had only occasional letters to connect them with friends and relatives back home. Many lonely pioneer women living out on isolated homesteads cherished their signature, or as they were frequently called, friendship quilt.

Once you have finished a quilt, it’s time to add the final touch – a quilt label. trim the off of the top of your label and hand sign the date below Suzy Quilts.

The concept of this Wedding Guest Book Quilt can be expanded far beyond just weddings — this is a Memory Quilt set to capture signatures and well wishes! You could make one as a graduation gift, birthday present, retirement gift, present for a special teacher or mentor or coach, or for many other occasions! Really any important date involving a lot of people is a great reason to make a signature memory quilt. Regardless of your special occasion for making a signed memory quilt — I want to help you succeed in making it your own!

The first, arguably most important, step is to find a design and fabrics that fits your design aesthetic and the occasion itself. For the fabrics and colors of my memory quilt, I chose ones that went with my wedding color palette and also matched my home decor.

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Whilst travelling in the USA this summer I came across some beautiful examples of quilts, both contemporary and historical. The tradition of quilt making was bought over to the country by their new immigrants, these different cultures and their traditions coming together like the patches on a quilt to form a unified America. Out of all of the quilting styles, the ‘Signature’ or ‘Friendship’ quilt has always been the most fascinating for me, and America has a strong history of them.

This tradition has origins that date to the s, when members of social groups signed their names in indelible ink with sentimental phrases like “remember me”​.

Follow these tips for labeling your quilt, then choose from two block ideas to make your own quilt label. Preserve the heritage of your quilts for future generations while expressing your creativity with labels. Sew leftover binding from the quilt around the label edges, then turn the binding over the edge to the wrong side. Hand-stitch the bound label to the backing, taking care not to stitch through to the top.

To print a quilt label directly onto fabric using your computer, look for printer fabric sheets, which feed into an ink-jet printer, in fabric and quilt stores. Or prepare your own fabric using a fixative, such as Bubble Jet Set , to ensure the printing will be permanent. First print the label on paper to ensure the design and words appear as desired and there is room for seam allowances.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for printing, peeling off the paper backing, and setting; then trim the label to the desired size. To create a custom label design, use word-processing, desktop-publishing, scrapbooking, or label-making software to combine text, photos, and clip art. Make sure the design you want to trace is dark enough to show through your fabric, or locate a light box or bright window on which to work.

Lay a piece of fabric over a paper printout of the label. Using a fabric marking pen, trace slowly, drawing a steady line. Permanent ink pens perform better on all-cotton fabrics than on blends.

How to Sign a Quilt

A non-quilter here at work recently asked me about making quilt labels, and I showed her the basics. She was so excited about the simplicity of it all, and I realized that QM readers might appreciate these easy techniques. You must Register or Login to post a comment. Remember me Log in.

Signature quilts became popular around the s. When making a signature quilt, friends and family would sign their names and possibly a date, location.

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My quilt instructors all thought it important to “sign” my quilts with my name, my city, and the date, which I always embroider or applique on.

Please do NOT just show up on class day without registering. If you are snail-mailing a check through using the post office, please make the check payable to the instructor and send it to:. If we don’t have a class going on you are more than welcome to check with us about using the room. Here you’ll find our cancellation policy and other important information. She’ll give a talk and have a sample of what you’ll be working on. You can pick up your monthly instructions at the shop on the day of the meeting or anytime after.

Ask questions and bring your show-and-tell of the blocks you’ve completed.

How to label your quilts

Wedding guest books are invariably a terrific way to perhaps recall the special time you had with your guests at your wedding. Think about matching the theme of the guest book with the total theme of the wedding event. Last year’s Modern Siggy Swap, hosted by Rachel over at p. Just in time for Wedding Season! Included in the kit, your.

Do you sign your quilts? Date; Quilt maker’s name; Name of the quilt; Name of the recipient; Name of the quilter; Location made; Occasion.

Quilters today are well aware that that they should label their quilts for future generations. But this was not always so. We are often disappointed when there is no way to discover who made the lovely quilt that we found at an antique shop or in our attic. Even with family quilts it’s sometimes uncertain who made a given quilt. We have to rely on family stories where memory may be vague or even accept an “I just don’t know” from older relatives.

The earliest signatures on needlework are seen on occasional sixteenth century tapestries and samplers. Most often these were simply initials not a full name. Most women of the past simply didn’t think that the everyday or even “for best” quilt they made was important enough to sign.

Peer to Peer Quilt Sign Up

How do you document your quilts, and what do you include on quilt labels? Enjoy the selected responses below, plus a spotlight on one of my followers. I include the date or dates of the construction and finishing, the name and pattern designer, and the name of the quilting pattern and digitizer.

You are the artist and an artist must sign their work. with his/her city of residence, my name and city of residence, and the date I gave the quilt.

Photo by Barb Gorges. I used the article as the basis for a talk for the Slater Women last week, a social group that has been meeting for over 70 years in Slater, Wyoming, south of Wheatland. Do quilts at the fair and the local quilt show this time of year have you thinking about the quilts at your house? Make repairs to quilts before attempting any cleaning procedures.

Test vividly colored fabrics by rubbing them with a damp white cloth to make sure no color comes off when wet. Try airing them on a bed by an open window, on the lawn between sheets or in the dryer with a damp, colorfast towel, just on air, no heat. Washing a quilt contributes to wearing when surfaces rub against each other. But dirt, including body oils from hands and chins, also contributes to wear.

A quilt in good shape with lots of quilting holding the layers together can be washed in a washing machine. If you have a top-loader, stop the machine when the agitation begins and substitute gentle agitation by hand for a few minutes. Forward the machine to the draining, spinning and filling part of the cycle, until you reach the agitation part again and do it yourself again.

If you have a front loader, put it on the hand wash cycle. Be very careful with commercial machines because they may be encrusted with oil or excess soap.

Signature Quilts

Do you label your quilts? Quilters are on both sides of the fence when asked about adding one to their projects. Many of us have quilts that have been passed down through generations, most without any label or identifying marks. We store that nugget in our long-term memory and rely on verbal storytelling to keep that information flowing to the next generation.

Labeling your quilt will help ensure that its provenance is accurate, which can add to its value—both sentimental as well as financial.

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Each well-wisher whose name appears on the quilt gifted a block an individual square of quilted fabric , but the identity of the skilled maker is still in question. We do know that the quilt was made in the Delaware River Valley and is dated September 15, a date of also appears on the quilt. Each block contributed to the quilt is different. To create bouquets, flowers were cut out from printed cottons, assembled into a design, and hand-stitched to the background fabric.

Signature quilts were made to commemorate an event such as a wedding, birth, or major move. This quilt was made to celebrate the marriage of Anna and Lewis Perrine. Signature quilts became popular around the s. When making a signature quilt, friends and family would sign their names and possibly a date, location, religious verse, or other token of remembrance as a way of expressing friendship for the recipient, not as a way of identifying their own workmanship.

The names on the quilt were meant to remind the recipients of their friends and family; signing the quilt was like signing a card today.

How To Hand Embroider A Name on a Quilt

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