Freethinking writer and politician shot dead in Bangladesh

Advanced Search. Shahzahan Bachchu was known locally and within the secular Bangladeshi movement as an outspoken, sometimes fiery activist for secularism. He printed poetry and books related to humanism and freethought via his publishing house Bishaka Prakashani Star Publishers. He was also a political activist, serving as former general secretary of Munshiganj district unit of the Communist Party. He was reportedly shot and killed this evening near his village home at Kakaldi in Munshiganj district near the capital Dhaka. According to reports, four men riding two motorcycles rushed the tea stall at Kakaldi where Shahzahan was sitting around pm local time, opening fire on him before fleeing away on the same vehicles. Shahzahan was killed on the spot. We are yet to ascertain whether it was an extremist attack. In our village. Two people have killed my father.

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Those who contend that reason can attain to a truth that has been contradicted, obscured, or distorted by the official doctrines of a religious body which lays claim to divine revelation and the consequent right to compel assent to its teachings. In a more restricted sense, freethinkers are those 17th-, 18th- and 19th- century philosophers and scientists, e. To achieve desired scientific progress and ameliorate various social evils, they insisted it was necessary for the scientist and the philosopher to be free in their thinking and liberated from the limitations imposed by religious authorities.

In France, those who assumed this attitude were called libres penseurs, libertins, esprits forts, or franc-pensants; in Germany, the term was Freigeister or Freidenker. The term “freethinker” was first used by William Molyneux in a letter to John locke , in which the former called John Toland — “a candid freethinker.

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Black Freethinkers argues that, contrary to historical and popular depictions of African Americans as naturally religious, freethought has been central to black political and intellectual life from the nineteenth century to the present. Freethought encompasses many different schools of thought, including atheism, agnosticism, and nontraditional orientations such as deism and paganism.

Christopher Cameron suggests an alternative origin of nonbelief and religious skepticism in America, namely the brutality of the institution of slavery. He also traces the growth of atheism and agnosticism among African Americans in two major political and intellectual movements of the s: the New Negro Renaissance and the growth of black socialism and communism. In a final chapter, he explores the critical importance of freethought among participants in the civil rights and Black Power movements of the s and s.

Examining a wealth of sources, including slave narratives, travel accounts, novels, poetry, memoirs, newspapers, and archival sources such as church records, sermons, and letters, the study follows the lives and contributions of well-known figures, including Frederick Douglass, Zora Neale Hurston, James Baldwin, and Alice Walker, as well as lesser-known thinkers such as Louise Thompson Patterson, Sarah Webster Fabio, and David Cincore. Rather than treating secularism as a regulatory discourse of modern statecraft, Cameron unpacks the alienations, arguments, and aspirations of black secularists themselves.

He brings depth and clarity to an aspect of African American religious history rarely given the sustained attention it deserves. Taking a closer look at the evidence, Cameron shows that the experience of slavery and the degradations of proslavery Christianity also led some enslaved and free blacks in the nineteenth century to varieties of unbelief.

19th Century Freethinkers

Rousseau was a freethinker , but Rousseau had his daughters baptized all the same. The Archbishop’s sermons are hard for a Freethinker to criticise. Aristophanes was more of a politician and a patriot, Lucian more of a freethinker , Horace more of a simple pococurante.

Publication Date: April 02, Forget what you know about the world of work. You crave feedback. Your organization’s culture is the key to its success.

You crave feedback. Your organization’s culture is the key to its success. Strategic planning is essential. Your competencies should be measured and your weaknesses shored up. Leadership is a thing. These may sound like basic truths of our work lives today. But actually, they’re lies. As strengths guru and bestselling author Marcus Buckingham and Cisco Leadership and Team Intelligence head Ashley Goodall show in this provocative, inspiring book, there are some big lies–distortions, faulty assumptions, wrong thinking–that we encounter every time we show up for work.

Nine lies, to be exact. They cause dysfunction and frustration, ultimately resulting in workplaces that are a pale shadow of what they could be. But there are those who can get past the lies and discover what’s real.

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I won’t believe in believing I like foreign films and wine. I love all kinds of music, including opera and heavy metal, everything except modern country. I live in Chicago but I hope to move to Seattle at some point.

Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World eBook: that underlie contemporary managerial practices, many of which date back to.

In , Westwood Unitarian Congregation embarked upon a journey to be more welcoming, inclusive and respectful of those Humanists, Atheists, Agnostics and FreeThinkers. We welcome comments and suggestions for ways that we can expand our inclusiveness towards these individual and communities. Westwood FreeThinker book clubs will be meeting online as long as we are struggling with Covid In true Unitarian tradition theists, atheists, post-theists, agnostics and the unclassified are all invited to participate in one or all book club meetings.

At their final meeting of the year, the FreeThinkers held a pitched contest to choose selections for next year. Members were invited to pitch one or two books, telling us why the book was both interesting and useful or just plane fun , as well accessibility, format details, costs, library availability etc. Then each member was. Join us on Wednesday Feb. Many of you will have read this book as a child or a student, but what does it teach us as adults?

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Top definition. Free Thinker. Usually associated with non-conformists Very few people in this world have realized that they have access to and the ability to perform independent thought.

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Volkswagen Foundation Freethinker Fellowship [Open for one year previously (with regard to the date of the defense relative to the.

Whenever I’m going through emotional turmoil or have a tough decision to make, she’ll say, ‘I’ll pray for you. I’m an atheist. I have been for as long as I can remember. All my closest friends are atheists. We do atheist things like fear death and worry about the meaninglessness of life. Then, about a year ago, something quite unexpected happened: I fell in love with a Christian. A proper one, too. For her, God is as certain as daybreak and nightfall.

In the beginning to quote a certain book there were debates. Lots of debates. I made the usual arguments from the atheist corner; she countered from the Christian camp.

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a) One who relies solely on themselves to make judgments based on their own perception of the world rather than blindly accepting what is told or implied by an​.

Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount. Publication Date: April 02, Forget what you know about the world of work. You crave feedback. Your organization’s culture is the key to its success. Strategic planning is essential. Your competencies should be measured and your weaknesses shored up. Leadership is a thing.

These may sound like basic truths of our work lives today. But actually, they’re lies. As strengths guru and bestselling author Marcus Buckingham and Cisco Leadership and Team Intelligence head Ashley Goodall show in this provocative, inspiring book, there are some big lies–distortions, faulty assumptions, wrong thinking–that we encounter every time we show up for work.

Free thought

GMO answers A Talk. Skeptic North Skeptics On The Net A website dating lists elitesingles skeptical organizations and websites of skeptical elitesingles Skeptic Tank The Skeptic Agnostic is a BBS which maintains extensive atheist on destructive groups, individuals, and ideologies with special focus on religion’s impact upon history as well agnostic religion’s impact agnostic rights, liberties, health, and safety of the world’s populace in contemporary times.

Stephen Uhl Tim Minchin. Elitesingles dating agnostic have posts that refer to atheism, or refer to a lack of religion. Some science sites deal with discoveries sites conflict with religion.

is a non-profit community for atheists, agnostics, humanists, freethinkers, skeptics and others!

The Freigeist funding initiative provides an opportunity for outstandingly qualified, creative and independent early career researchers to conduct their own research. It aims to encourage exceptional research personalities to embark on visionary, risk-taking research projects at the intersections between established fields of research. The flexible funding scheme and clear time frame are de- signed to ensure maximum support for their self-chosen research topic and thus help them develop an entirely independent research profile.

The Freigeist Fellowships are deliberately kept thematically open. They focuse on postdoctoral re- searchers from all disciplines who strive for scientific independence early on after their doctoral studies and whose research moves between established fields. The funding initiative is to enable them to carry out an extraordinary research project and set up their own research group at a research institution in Germany.

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Free thought sometimes spelled freethought [1] [2] is an epistemological viewpoint which holds that beliefs should not be formed on the basis of authority , tradition , revelation , or dogma , and that beliefs should instead be reached by other methods such as logic , reason , and empirical observation. According to the Oxford English Dictionary , a freethinker is “a person who forms their own ideas and opinions rather than accepting those of other people, especially in religious teaching.

The term first came into use in the 17th century in order to refer to people who inquired into the basis of traditional beliefs which were often accepted unquestioningly. Today, freethinking is most closely linked with secularism , atheism , agnosticism , anti-clericalism , and religious critique. The Oxford English Dictionary defines freethinking as, “The free exercise of reason in matters of religious belief, unrestrained by deference to authority; the adoption of the principles of a free-thinker.

The skeptical application of science implies freedom from the intellectually limiting effects of confirmation bias , cognitive bias , conventional wisdom , popular culture , prejudice , or sectarianism. Atheist author Adam Lee defines free thought as thinking which is independent of revelation, tradition, established belief, and authority , [6] and considers it as a “broader umbrella” than atheism “that embraces a rainbow of unorthodoxy, religious dissent, skepticism, and unconventional thinking.

The basic summarizing statement of the essay The Ethics of Belief by the 19th-century British mathematician and philosopher William Kingdon Clifford is: “It is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence. Regarding religion , freethinkers typically hold that there is insufficient evidence to support the existence of supernatural phenomena. To the freethinker, revelation and faith are invalid, and orthodoxy is no guarantee of truth.

Not only is there nothing to be gained by believing an untruth, but there is everything to lose when we sacrifice the indispensable tool of reason on the altar of superstition. Most freethinkers consider religion to be not only untrue, but harmful. What makes a freethinker is not his beliefs but the way in which he holds them. If he holds them because his elders told him they were true when he was young, or if he holds them because if he did not he would be unhappy, his thought is not free; but if he holds them because, after careful thought he finds a balance of evidence in their favour, then his thought is free, however odd his conclusions may seem.

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