Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship in Med School

A year ago she moved away to further schooling in the medical field. My work makes it completely unfeasible to move in the short term. The kicker is that I know she is interested in this specialty for reasons outside of love for it. I want to spend my life with her. The hurdles seem too much to overcome and frankly they were not something we agreed to. I feel like her choosing the additional long distance would be essentially choosing her career over love and family.

Long Distance Relationships in Med School

This week I said goodbye to my boyfriend of over a year. Without much introduction, here are my reflections on love in medical school. During orientation week, we did an exercise arranging cards with values on them.

Med school students and graduates face different challenges and have started dating her significant other three years before beginning med school. in different states and have maintained a long-distance relationship.

In the medical field, it is very common to see long distance relationships amongst healthcare professionals including medical students, residents, and fellows who are often in different training programs across the country. These blogs are an opportunity for ophthalmic bloggers to engage with readers with about a topic that is top of mind, whether it is practice management, experiences with patients, the industry, medicine in general, or healthcare reform.

The views expressed in these blogs are those of their respective contributors and do not represent the views of Ophthalmology Times or UBM Medica. To establish my credibility on the subject matter, it is essential for me to present our background. When my wife and I got married, I was in my final year of ophthalmology residency training at Albany Medical College and about to start my upcoming retina fellowship in Albany as well.

My wife was completing her medical internship and started ophthalmology residency at Albany Medical Center as I was just completing it. If you do the math, I would complete my two-year fellowship while she would still have one more year in residency training. At the end of fellowship, I was presented with an offer for my dream job as being the retinal specialist for The Eye Associates in Sarasota, Florida. At first, I was not even going to consider a long-distance relationship for obvious reasons.

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1 week into long distance with fiance-turned-medical student.. and struggling.

I did a search and couldn’t find much on this topic if somebody wants to direct me to a previous thread on this topic, feel free. For those of you in medical school: how does medical school affect your relationship with your significant other? I would be interested to hear replies from people who are married, engaged, dating, whatever. My problem is that I may be attending Dal this fall, but my boyfriend just accepted an engineering job in BC for a minimum of two years.

My two cents on figuring out a long distance relationship in med school, and the things my boyfriend and I have agreed make ours work so well! Funny Dating.

Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts. Share this podcast with your loved one who is going through this process with you. This will help both of you. Sarah Epstein is a Marriage and Family Therapist, and her husband is a second-year emergency medicine resident. They started dating when he was starting to study for the MCAT. Sarah is the author of Love in the Time of Medical School. We talk about how you can keep your relationships strong.

In her book, she talks about keeping relationships going through the stressful time of being a premed, being a medical student, and being a physician. Sarah explains that those who are significant others of premeds and medical schools have a lot of challenges, both that a couple faces together and that the significant other deals with on their own.

6 tips for maintaining a long-distance relationship in med school

Dating as a med student is challenging. Keeping the spark going—while maintaining your focus on your studies—requires significant planning and effort. I met my girlfriend, now fiancee, Ruby Nguyen, in We started dating a year later, while I was in my first semester of med school in Mesa, Arizona. At the time, Ruby lived and worked as a dental hygienist near Los Angeles, almost miles away! So far, our entire relationship has been long-distance.

Does anyone have any experience being in a long distance relationship while studying a rigorous degree at university? I’m originally from Canada, and have.

Remember Me? Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Med School and LDR. I am looking for some advice. I am about to start my second year of medical school, and I am in a 4 year LDR. I go to school in Tennessee, and my SO lives in Florida. So our visits and ability to talk to each other has lessened greatly since last year. There has also been a lot of upcoming trust issues, because we both cheated over the past year.

I spoke with him recently, and we are both willing to start from a clean slate. I am just wondering how to trust him again, and if we should continue to stay together. I really want to make it work and I am currently with him during my summer break from school. I am just afraid that there will be another repeat of last year again once I leave. What can we do to make it work once the distance is there again?

Long Distance Relationships While In College?

I find the jealousy devil come over me when I hear he is going to events with his group who are a majority woman he is very crazy busy with everything and is the definition of sucking with communication when ill get texts from him a week and seeing one another once a month after exams. I see OMT as a bit of an art and it can be hard to test competency in an art form. Also i have free time i have a job and a stable boyfriend. The only thing is getting to that date. I guess im pretty lucky and i also wish you luck with your boyfriend B e wary of entering casual romantic relationships with class membersFast forward We made it through M Medical School Year surprisingly smoothly with my job change to a more stable corporate accounting job backing us up.

It was weeks of formaldehyde fueled brutality.

When it comes to long-distance relationships while pursuing For the first 2 years of med school, I was in a long-distance relationship (LDR). I noticed that the times when we were not able to set a definite date to see other.

I met a really great guy. We grew up in the same town and somehow never met. He is now in med school about an hour away. We had an amazing first date. And the weekend after I will be out of town. What did you expect would be normal dating man who has to drive two hours round trip for a date? Long distance is NOT an hour away!

Let him lead, be friendly and receptive and see how it goes. Just chill and see how it goes. Talk, face time and text…but mostly — relax. As excited as u are to see him again, just play it cool.

5 ways residents can sustain long-distance relationships

Most people talk about college like starting a completely brand new life, with new experiences and new people. Sometimes, those in relationships go to the same college together, pick different colleges and split up, or pick different colleges and try a long distance relationship. Despite the amount of negative comments from friends like, “good luck with that,” and “wow, statistics are against you!

I’m currently a third year in medical school and my boyfriend and I in software development and we have been doing long distance since last summer. Sometimes it would be a proper date night and other times it was just.

So much depends on the wants and needs of the individual people! I asked my boyfriend his input on this topic, too! We both agreed that there are a few key things that make our relationship work. The first is that our work ethics and lifestyles are very similar. Aka — we are both workaholics. We are usually so busy each day that neither of us is left just sitting around wishing the other person could be there.

Usually just texts and a quick phone call before bed is all we have time for during the week. If one of us worked without other projects there would probably be more frustration. He is so willing to learn all about med school, which means so much to me. He also listens to me vent or nerd-out about school, even though most of what I tell him grosses him out.

The different specialty options I have to choose from could mean very different lifestyles and career paths, but he just wants me to be happy. He is working on a career change, and watching him pursue it makes me so proud. He will likely be moving once or twice for his career change, and I of course will go through The Match process next year.

Is this a normal long distance courtship?

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I am hoping someone can offer some perspective to shed some light on this or help me view the situation in a different way. My fiance and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary and lived together for most of that time. He is kind, emotionally available, and thoughtful. Until he started medical school this week. I have never doubted our relationship, but this one is throwing me for a loop. I helped him move in last week and things were pretty much normal.. The last day I was there, he cried more than I have ever seen him cry and said how much he would miss me.

Give the guy a break!


Dear all, I recently received a question from a blog reader about how Irene and I maintain a long distance relationship while we are both in school. I agree. There definitely have been difficult or frustrating times, but Irene and I love each other, trust each other, and work hard in keeping each other happy, even when we are both busy in school, and across the ocean from each other.

We accept that there will be challenges, but we both know we are building a greater future together and that a few years of being apart is nothing compared to a lifetime together afterwards.

If I was in a long distance relationship, then I’d still let my GF have fun, I personally know 2 couples who started dating in high school, went to.

I suppose what I learned from my long distance relationship could be applied to anyone in any stage in their life, but mine was during my time in PA School. I met my husband at the ripe age of I was living in Boston with a low-paying job in cancer research, had blonde hair and was still carrying my Jersey accent. He was also in the process of applying to medical school, and I to physician assistant PA school. I decided a few years after college that I wanted to be a PA, see how to rock your pa school application so I was scrambling to take prerequisite courses and get patient care experience.

I literally had to pretend to give him a bed bath I was laughing so hard I cannot believe I passed. But at the end of it all, he was accepted to medical school in Albany, NY in the fall of , and I was still in Boston. If you have ever been to Boston you know this is not a city where you can have a car. You take the train the T everywhere, so when he was leaving for NY I had to look into alternatives.

I still remember the morning I left him in Albany at am, taking the dreaded Greyhound Bus back to Boston to go to work. I cried for hours and wondered how on earth we could make this work. I proceed to take that bus back and forth for months until I finally convinced my parents to help me buy a car. Luckily, one of their friends was selling an old Honda, so I was saved from the buslife.

Successful Med School Relationships

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